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وصف المقررات لبرنامج بكالوريوس الهندسة المدنية

Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name
CE 112 Survey Basics  CE 455 Highway Planning and Design
CE 202 Mechanics of Materials CE 456 Hydraulic Engineering
CE 203 Structural Materials CE 458 Design of Water Structures 
CE 230 Fluid Mechanics CE 464 Project Surveying
CE 231 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory CE 474 Design and Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
CE 285 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering CE 475 Environmental Engineering
CE 304 Properties and Testing of Concrete CE 490 Selected Topics in Civil Engineering
CE 305 Structural Analysis Chem111 General Chemistry 
CE 315 Reinforced Concrete  CSC209 Computer Programming
CE 317 Computer Applications GE 104 Basics of Engineering Drawing 
CE 320 Construction Engineering GE 105 Basics of Engineering Technology
CE 331 Hydrology GE 201 Statics 
CE 341 Transportation and Traffic  Engineering GE 202 Dynamics
CE 353 Geotechnical Engineering  GE 211 Introduction to Engineering Design-I
CE 354 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory GE 213 Introduction to Engineering Design-2
CE 363 Foundation Engineering GE 401 Engineering Economy
CE 370 Water and Wastewater Engineering  GE 402 Project Management
CE 375 Steel Structures Design  GE 405 Cooperative Training
CE 400 Graduation Project Math 105 Differential Calculus 
CE 401 Concrete Technology  Math 106 Integral Calculus
CE 403 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Math 107 Linear Algebra & Analytic Geometry
CE 406 Advanced Structural Analysis Math 203  Differential and Integral Calculus
CE 412 Advanced Steel Design Math 208 Differential equations
CE 443  Design of Pavement ME 229 Thermodynamics and Heat transfer
CE 453 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Phys 104 General Physics
CE 454 Soil Improvement and Earth Structure Design