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وصف المقررات لبرنامج ماجيستيرالهندسة الكهربائية

Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
EE 610 Physics of Semiconductors and Devices   EE 633 Advanced Topics in Electrical Drive Systems.
EE 611 Advanced Course on Filters and Amplifiers  EE 634 Design of Electrical Machines.
EE 612 Advanced Electro Magnetic Theory  EE 635 Testing and Standard Specifications of Electrical Machine. 
EE 613 Integrated Sensors and Sensor Systems  EE 636 Fractional Horsepower and Servo Motors 
EE 614 Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology  EE 637 Dynamics of Electrical Machines
EE 615 Automation & Robotics  EE 638 Selected Topics in Electrical Machines. 
EE 616 Advanced Experimental Methods in Electronics  EE 639 Selected Topics in Power Electronics. 
EE 617 Embedded System Design  EE 641 Distribution System Engineering 
EE 618 Advanced Industrial Electronics  EE 642 Distribution System Modeling and Analysis
EE 619 System-on-Chip Design (SoC)  EE 643 Power system operation 
EE 620 Optimization of communication Networks  EE 645 Power quality
EE 621 Statistical Communication Systems  EE 646 High Voltage Engineering
EE 622 Advanced Digital Communication Systems  EE 647 Dielectric and electrical insulation
EE 623 Digital Signal Processing  EE 648 Power Systems Planning and Reliability
EE 624 Digital Image Processing EE 649 Selected Topics in Power Systems 
EE 625 Cellular and Mobile Communication Systems  EE 651 Artificial intelligence techniques in electrical power fields 
EE 626 Antennas and Radio waves Propagation  EE 652 Control of power systems
EE 627 Data Encryption and Network Security EE 685 Introduction to Bio-nanotechnology and Biosensors 
EE 628 Fiber Optic Communications  EE 688 Selected topics in Electronics 
EE 629 Selected Topics in Communication Engineering GE 605 Modeling and Simulation of Engineering Systems
EE 631 Advanced Topics in Electrical Machines. GE 608 Experimental Methods and Analysis  
EE 632 Advanced Topics in Power Electronics.  Math 621 Engineering Mathematics