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وصف المقررات لبرنامج ماجيستيرالهندسة المدنية

Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
GE 605 Modeling and Simulation of Engineering Systems CE 650 Advanced Asphalt Materials
CE 600 Concrete Technology CE 651 Advanced Highway Design
CE 601 Advanced Structural Analysis CE 652 Advanced Pavement Design
CE 602 Finite Elements Method in Structural Analysis CE 653 Pavement Management Systems
CE 603 Theory of Plates and Shels CE 654 Airport Planning and Design
CE 604 Structural Dynamics CE 660 Advanced Foundation Engineering
CE 610 Advanced Concrete Design CE 661 Dynamics of soils and foundations
CE 611 Prestressed Concrete CE 670 Chemistry in Environmental Engineering
CE 612 Earthquake Engineering CE 671 Microbiology in Environmental Engineering
CE 613 Advanced Steel Design CE 672 Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes
CE 620 Construction Planning and Control CE 673 Biological Treatment Processes
CE 621 Cost Analysis and Control CE 674 Unit Operations and Processes Laboratory
CE 622 Legal Aspects of Engineering and Construction CE 675 Planning and Design of Water and Sewerage Networks
CE 623 Computer Applications in Construction Engineering CE 676 Solid Waste Management
CE 624 Value Engineering CE 677 Environmental Air Pollution
CE 630 GIS and Natural Resources Management CE 678 Industrial Wastewater Treatment
CE 631 Hydrometry CE 680 System Engineering Management
CE 632 Drainage Engineering CE 681 Construction Engineering Management
CE 633 Irrigation Engineering CE 682 Risk Management in Construction Engineering
CE 634 Groundwater Hydrology CE 683 Human Resources Management for Engineers
CE 635 Probability and Statistics in Hydrology CE 690 Selected Topics in Structural Engineering
CE 636 Water Resources Planning CE 691 Selected Topics in Construction Engineering and Management
CE 637 Applied Groundwater Flow Modeling CE 692 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
CE 638 Design of Hydraulic Structures CE 693 Special Topics in Water Resources and Hydraulics
CE 640 Urban Transportation Planning and Modeling CE 694 Special Topics in Transportation Engineering
CE 641 Advanced Transportation Systems Analysis CE 699 Thesis or Research Project
CE 642 Traffic Flow Theory and Control GE 608 Experimental Methods and Analysis
CE 643 Traffic Safety, Operations, and Maintenance Math 621 Engineering Mathematics