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وصف المقررات لبرنامج ماجيستيرالهندسة الميكانيكية

Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
GE 605 Modeling and Simulation of Engineering Systems ME 663 Intelligent Control Systems
GE 608 Experimental Methods and Analysis   ME 664 Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
Math 621 Engineering Mathematics ME 665 Advanced Measurement s and Instrumentations
ME 630 Selected Topics in Manufacturing Processes  ME 666 Robotics
ME 631 Advanced Manufacturing Processes ME 667 Design of Digital Control Systems
ME 632 Advanced Engineering Materials ME 668 Optimal Control
ME 633 Advanced Mechanics of Materials ME 669 Flight Dynamics and Control 
ME 634 Polymer Processing ME 670 Selected Topics in Mechanical Power Engineering
ME 635 Manufacturing System Design and Simulation ME 671 Advanced Heat Transfer
ME 636 CAM Applications ME 672 Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 637 Design for Manufacturability ME 673 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
ME 638 Automation in Manufacturing ME 674 Energy Conversion  
ME 639 Fracture Mechanics ME 675 Thermal Power Plants 
ME 640 Applied Finite Elements ME 676 Turbo-Machinery
ME 659 Mechatronic Systems ME 677 Engineering Safety and the Environment
ME 660 Selected Topics in System Dynamics and Control ME 678 Combustion and Fuel 
ME 661 Advanced System Dynamics and Control ME 679 Solar System Engineering
ME 662 Advanced Mechanical Vibrations ME 680 Desalination