شعار جامعة القصيم

College History:
On 17/1/1423 A.H.; the council of King Saudi University (KSU) recommended the transformation of the Department of Agriculture Engineering in the College of Agriculture and Veterinary at its Qassim campus (branch) into an engineering college. The college is to start with three main departments:  the electrical, the mechanical and the civil engineering.
The recommendation was then discussed in the meeting of the Saudi Council for Higher Education on 2/11/1423 A.H. The council approved the recommendation on 23/11/1423-A.H.
Consequently, a committee of specialists from KSU was selected and assigned the task of developing the curriculums for the three programs. The committee approved the general requirements of the B. Sc degree in engineering. This includes the fulfillment of the university, the college, and the department requirements. Therefore; the schooling process, according to the programs previously set by KSU, started and continued for two full academic years. In "1425-A.H.", Qassim University decided to adopt the Preparatory (foundation) Year Program (PYP) for all its scientific colleges. It was a good chance for the Engineering College to enhance and improve its programs with the objectives of satisfying the new-university-system (PYP) in addition to the job market and accreditation requirements.

Vision :
 A locally and regionally distinguished college in the engineering education and scientific research which supports the sustainable development in  Kingdom.

Mission :
College of Engineering at Qassim University seeks to offer a developed and accredited engineering education to satisfy the needs of the job market, and to offer society and research services which support the sustainable development in the Kingdom and contribute to the knowledge economy.

Objectives :

 I-College Educational Objectives
1-     Preparation of the graduates to have a successful career as engineers in the governmental and private sectors.
2-  Preparation of the graduates to pursue their professional development through self learning and advanced degrees.
3-  Preparation of the graduates to advance to positions of leadership in their profession.
4-  Preparation of the graduates to effectively participate in the sustainable development of the Saudi Society.

II-Research Objectives:
1. To establish research links with the industry, energy and construction organizations to help develop and promote these organizations.
2. To establish research centres which participate in developing the scientific research and supporting the academic staff and post-graduate students from inside and outside the university.
3. To offer post-graduate programs which focus on research subjects those serve the Saudi society.

III-Community–Service Objectives
1. To contribute and support the different university committees such as committee of missions and training, demonstrators committee and the scientific council, etc.
2. To participate, in cooperation with the university community service deanship, in the promotion of the engineering profession through offering training courses and workshops for engineers and technicians in different engineering fields.
3. To conduct engineering studies and field surveys, and to present technical consultations for solving the society problems.
4. To conduct standard tests on constructions, engineering systems, equipment, machines, devices and materials.