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Full-time faculty members in the Electrical Engineering program advise students admitted to the program. At the beginning of their first semester of the program, the students are assigned to various faculty members. The assignment is random and based on balancing the load among faculty members. This assignment lasts throughout the student’s academic program to provide continuity and consistent advising for the student.
Each semester during periods of pre-registration or registration, the student is required to meet with his advisor to review his progress and develop a schedule of courses to be taken during the next semester. Before each semester pre-registration period, each student is reminded, by mail, of advising schedules.

During the advising appointment, the student and advisor use the student’s file, transcript, a variety of reports available to faculty through an online information system, departmental students' records, etc. to develop a schedule of classes. This process provides the best progress toward meeting the requirements in all areas, and assures that all prerequisite and other preliminary restrictions have been satisfied. Thereafter, the student registers for his courses through the College web-site.

The senior students usually seek for advice and proper guide for their future career from their advisors. The advisors play important roles and provide the students with valuable information regarding career planning.

 Advisors Are Responsible For:

    Helping students interpret college and university policies and procedures.
    Advising students regarding general education and major requirements.
    Completing degree checks for graduating seniors.
    Advising students about course selection and registration.
    Assisting new students during orientation.
    Being familiar with program requirements.
    Monitoring student progress.
    Motivating students to take responsibility for their own academic and career goals.
    Listening and being open to student's thoughts and ideas.

Students Are Responsible For:

    Learn degree requirements.
    Schedule and keep appointments with advisor.
    Be prepared for advising sessions; bring degree forms and / or transcripts.
    Prepare a list of questions.
    Familiarizing themselves with important dates and deadlines.
    Taking responsibility for their own educational experience by asking questions, listening, and following up on advice.
    Establishing and following academic plans.
    Reviewing academic progress and seeking academic and career information needed to meet their educational goals.
    Attending and participating in class.                               
    Getting involved in campus and community events

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