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Community Service
As community service is one of the three goals of the college mission, the college does its best in this area. In this regard, the college cooperate with the Community Service Deanship and provides specialized training courses to the engineers and technicians. Also, the faculty members contribute in many consultancy works and engineering studies to both the governmental and private sectors. There is also ome sort of cooperation with the sector of pre-university education as regarding visits, contribution in teaching and evaluation of the students research works, patents and other activities.

Some of the community services carried out  in the last year (2010-2011) are listed below:
i-    Giving 5 training courses in different subjects, namely; electrical safety, thermal engines, and solar energy.
ii-    The contribution in teaching some subjects in King Fahd secondary school in Buraidah.
iii-    The contribution in the evaluation of the works submitted from junior students in Mawheba School who compete for the awards on the level of the Kingdom.
iv-    The contribution of the CE faculty in the project of development of Wady Alromaa.

Training courses offered by College of Engineering