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College of Engineering at Qassim University seeks to offer a developed and accredited engineering education to satisfy the needs of the job market, and to offer society and research services which support the sustained development in the Kingdom and participate in the knowledge economy.
This is the mission of the College of Engineering in Qassim University, for which great efforts are done to be achieved through an ambitious strategic plan for the coming ten years. Through this strategic plan the college hopes by the end of 2020 to achieve its vision as “a locally and regionally recognized college in the engineering education and scientific research, and supporting the sustained development in Qassim and Kingdom.”
When designing the study plans for the college's three BSc programs great attention has been paid to them to be comprehensive such that they satisfy the four fundamental aspects of modern engineering education; the mathematics and engineering fundamentals, knowledge and analysis, engineering design, training and practice. The college, also, gives great concern to the soft skills to develop the student communication and character building skills through modern teaching methods which made the college’s outcomes compatible with the requirements of the job market.
 Despite the newness of our college, as it has not completed its first decade yet, the college was able to race against the clock and got the academic accreditation from the ABET organization for the EE, CE, and ME  B.Sc  programs delivered on the main campus , and has become one of four colleges of Engineering which got the accreditation in Saudi Arabia. Also, the college has sent more than forty postgraduate students to USA, Canada and Australia to achieve the master and PhD degrees.  The college prepares, nowadays, for offering four graduate programs in electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and renewable energy engineering.
The College will concentrate in the coming years as stated in its strategic plan on scientific research by establishing research chairs and specialized research centers. Moreover, it will activate its role in serving the community through conducting engineering studies, consultation and professional training programs.
In the end, I pray to Allah Almighty to grant success to all employees at the Faculty of Engineering and Qassim University, and wish full success to all our students.

College Dean               

Dr.Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Mufadi